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A National Historic Landmark District

Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites is proud to be a part of a newly designated National Landmark District called Historic Moravian Bethlehem.

Our country has over 80,000 National Register Historic Sites.   These places are of local or regional significance.  James Burnside was the first representative from Northampton County to the Pennsylvania General Assembly in Philadelphia.  He was a contemporary of Ben Franklin and served with him on the Committee for Indian Affairs. Our Burnside Plantation is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The United States has 2,500 National Historic Landmarks, sites of national significance.  Our 1741 Gemeinhaus and 1762 Waterworks are individually listed National Historic Landmarks.  The Gemeinhaus is the birthplace of Lewis David von Schweinitz, the Father of American Mycology, and the Waterworks is America’s first pumped municipal water system.

Of the 2,500 NHLs, only about 200 are National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States with only eight (8) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Every building in the district must have a high degree of authenticity and integrity and tell a nationally significant story.  Now Historic Moravian Bethlehem joins this esteemed group.




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