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Live Advent Calendar

The only one of its kind in the country! Visitors of the Historic Downtown Bethlehem will enjoy the 16th Annual one-of-a-kind tradition.

December 1 - 23 at 5:30pm every day!

This year, the Live Advent Calendar will be held virtually with videos each night. See below for schedule and links to watch live!

Hosted by the merchants of the Downtown Bethlehem Association (DBA), a council of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites.

Live Advent Calendar Schedule

December 1st:  2012 - Hosted by Franklin Hill Vineyard:  https://youtu.be/WrzRztuBWiY

December 2nd: 2018 - Hosted by Aardvark Sports Shop https: //fb.watch/1SKr0rKm7T/

December 3rd: 2018 - Hosted by Santoro's Franks and Chili: https://www.facebook.com/groups/690588814407464/permalink/1484083918391279/

December 4th: 2019 -Hosted by Bethlehem House Gallery: https://fb.watch/1PFHNyAs7K/

December 5th: 2017 -Hosted by Clusters Popcorn: https://fb.watch/1PFPh2vEaX/

December 6th:2019 -Hosted by Domaci: https://fb.watch/1PFUreqnCe/

December 7th: 2019 - Hosted by Hand Cut Crystal: https://fb.watch/1PFYC6jjzX/

December 8th: 2017 - Hosted by Apollo Grill: https://fb.watch/1PGPPKZWgW/

December 9th: 2019 - Hosted by ESU: https://fb.watch/1PGfF79CCQ/

December 10th: 2015 Hosted by Celtic Cultural Alliance: https://youtu.be/vvH3R2sdtRc

December 11th: 2019 Hosted by Moravian College: https://fb.watch/1PGBNgnFwf/

December 12th: 2017 Hosted by Bethlehem Food Co-op: https://fb.watch/1PGSBp11I6/

December 13th: 2019 - Hosted by McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar/ Donegal Square / Bethlehem Pipe Band: https://fb.watch/1PHYq24BtZ/

December 14th: 2018 – Hosted by Hyatt Place: https://fb.watch/1PH4BBZmSt/

December 15th: 2012  - Hosted by Stations Café: https://youtu.be/ZY3A53dQsJ4

December 16th: 2017 - Hosted by Moravian Book Shop: https://fb.watch/1PHJnPLW2H/

December 17th: 2019 – Hosted by Zollner: https://fb.watch/1PHQyKkpxK/

December 18th: 2017 – Hosted by RCN: https://fb.watch/1PH-pTlWli/

December 19th: 2019 – Hosted by Lehigh Valley with Love: https://fb.watch/1PI4Cknz9I/

December 20th: 2014 – Hosted by Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites: https://youtu.be/4V3yKlaZmNU

December 21st: 2014 - Hosted by Historic Hotel Bethlehem: https://youtu.be/HYNd2jYF5AQ

December 22nd: 2010 - Hosted by The Gem Shop: https://youtu.be/EK-t7KLTVBI

December 23rd: 2017 - Hosted by Bethlehem Brew Works: https://fb.watch/1PJ_vCVu3Z/

How can you participate?

In 2020, the Live Advent Calendar will be held virtually and celebrating the past! Each night at 5:30 you can tune in to watch footage from a previous Live Advent Calendar night.

Returning in 2021:

  • Visitors gather outside the door of the Goundie House
  • At the time of the presentation, a selected visitor will be asked to walk up to the door and knock
  • When the door is opened, a special guest from a local business or organization will appear and distribute treats among the crowd

The idea of the “Live Advent Calendar” is from the tradition of Advent Calendars or Christmas Countdown Calendars for children and families during the holidays.  With a traditional calendar, there is a set number of “doors” to open each day as Christmas draws near.  Traditional calendars provide a treat or verbiage each day.

The Historic DBA Advent Calendar will be life-sized with a special person to hand out the treat daily at 5:30pm.  Each day will be a different local business featuring surprise entertainment.

Not familiar with the Live Advent Calendar in Bethlehem? Missed a night of the door? No Worries! Check our videos here!

Photo Credit to Nancy Swolensky

For More Information

Call the Visitor Center at 1-800-360-TOUR to learn more or stop by the 1810 Goundie House at 5:30 to find out in person!



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