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Sketched Out

September 27, 2018 through February 24, 2019

Sketching is a crucial process for creative people, and though the term “sketch” instantly brings to mind fine art, the processes of drafting and planning expands beyond the field of art. Sketched Out invites visitors to take a look inside the planning process through the quick sketches people make.

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Plain & Fancy

September 21, 2018 through February 16, 2019

“Plain & Fancy” refers to competing styles held in tension in historical Pennsylvania. “The Plain” discouraged decoration and nurtured a simple aesthetic of utilitarian objects and a humble, unadorned lifestyle. “The Fancy” engaged more directly with decorative and visual pleasure. “The Fancy” was more associated with the secular world whereas “The Plain” reflected the disciplined world of the severe religious communities. Sometimes, these lifestyles would converge with one another and plain would become fancy, while fancy became plain. These tensions between the insider and the outsider, the worldly and the meditative, the decorative and the utilitarian continue in the arts as we know them today.

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Time Capsule Bethlehem

March 29, 2018 through August 26, 2018

The First House of Bethlehem, Anna Nitschmann, the Eagle Hotel, Bethlehem Steel, Calypso Island… these places, businesses, and people no longer exist in the Lehigh Valley but their presence and impact is repeatedly felt thanks to the dedication of historians, community members, and organizations to preserve the past for future generations.

Time Capsule Bethlehem: Our City Then & Now showcases surviving artifacts—a large portion being donated by the local community—that tell the stories of the region’s history. Yet not all history is tangible! We welcome the community to make this exhibition their own by telling and showing your own family stories from our city to add to the collection. Make your mark on Bethlehem’s timeline and take part in this collaborative project of bringing the past to meet the present and preserving it for the future.

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