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Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled

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The History of Brewing in Bethlehem

Guest curator and beer historian Chris Bowen illustrated the life of Johann Sebastian Goundie, a prominent man in early 19th-century Bethlehem and one of the community’s first brewers. Visitors could explore the stories of early and modern breweries in Bethlehem, many of which are no longer standing.

What Was at Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled?

From the stories of early and modern breweries in Bethlehem to Bethlehem's secret beer caves, "Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled" profiles the history of brewing in Bethlehem. Displays in the exhibits include:
John Sebastian Goundie

The Goundie Experience

Featuring audio narration, this exhibit area focuses on Johann Sebastian Goundie (left), his life, family, career and accomplishments, complete with 19th-century brewing logs.

From Grain to Glass

Discover the techniques used to produce beers and ales. View the tools of the trade, plus a multimedia presentation of 1930s-era brewing takes visitors on the journey from grain to glass.

Bethlehem Brews Beer!

Find out the location of seven significant Bethlehem breweries, from the Christiansbrunn Brewery (1749-1796) to Bethlehem Brew Works today.

Women in Brewing

Learn about women's roles in the brewing process, from grains to open hearth.

Bethlehem Distillery
Bethlehem Distillery




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