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Design After Dark, an adult programming series at the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts, launched in April 2019. Focusing on art and design, the inaugural season included a pop-up retro arcade, trivia nights, an art café, exclusive walking tours, and a comedy night. While placed on hold for the 2020 season, Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites is refocusing in 2021 around unique experiences by Lehigh Valley Creatives.

Our Community Curators, each responding to the quote by late designer Sylvia Harris “Design teaches us not to make assumptions,” have developed their own take on art & design with experiences ranging from performances to panels to art exhibits. Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites is thrilled to work with creatives from all over the Lehigh Valley and have Design After Dark serve as a platform for their work.

Check back for more information on our community curators and the upcoming events!

Meet our Community Curators

12th & Market

Nic Riccione, Founder (L) and Greg Linton, Account Manager (R)

Nic Riccione is the founder of 12th & Market, a local brand that connects skateboarders and artists of all styles and backgrounds. True to its Allentown roots, 12th & Market’s “Palette” magazine effortlessly blends traditional print magazine and digital art, providing an entire group of previously overlooked artists a platform to showcase their work.

Greg Linton is the account manager for 12th & Market. Through networking and advertising, Greg aims to steer brand awareness and help guide local skateboarders and artists in the process.

Alisa Tongg

Alisa Tongg is a certified Life-Cycle celebrant, non-denominational minister and ambassador of Aloha, who specializes in creating heartfelt ceremonies and community gatherings. In 2008 she created the Delaware River Food and Wine Festival, which consisted of 12 boutique events over four days and aimed to celebrate the local culinary gems and experiences in the towns flanking the upper Delaware River region. In 2009, she founded the Bacon & Lox Society an intrafaith celebration congregation. Members meet throughout the year to both create and perpetuate their favorite traditions around a shared table. In 2016, Alisa and her family became citizens of the Cherokee Nation and enjoys learning about and practicing Native American ritual, symbolism, culture and ceremony. And most recently, in 2020, Alisa founded Equal Dignity Pop-up Nuptials, a community effort to provide free civil wedding ceremonies to ALL, especially LGBTQ+ persons.

Growing up in a small cowboy town in upcountry Maui, “home” was and continues to be, made up of a diverse array of cultural traditions and pockets of community. Inspired by the space between what makes each of us unique and also the same, Alisa is fluent in infusing meaning into the experiences she creates. Alisa lives in the Pocono Mountains on the edge of a ridge with her family.

Qbah Fernandez

Qbah Fernandez is a Bethlehem-born entrepreneur, music producer, audio engineer, video director, and content-creator with a degree from Full Sail University. He has over 12 years experience in the television industry and has worked for major Emmy nominated television networks as well as local stations such as WFMZ. He also is seasoned in the music industry with over 9 years of experience which has allowed him to work and travel with Latin Grammy winners and 3 time Grammy nominated producers. Although his passion lies in production, he also proudly sits on the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as its current Vice Chair.

Sean Patrick Cassidy

Sean Patrick Cassidy is a theatre maker from Detroit, Michigan USA that applies a therapeutic approach to his artistic practice. With over ten years experience helping to build healthy communities through performance he is committed to raising up voices that are being left out of the conversations that are shaping the future of our cities thereby building a more equitable world for all.

Adam Ercolani

Adam Ercolani is a Lehigh-Valley based theatre artist, Apprentice at Bethlehem's Touchstone Theatre, and MFA Candidate at Moravian College. His work draws attention to the individual's relationship to the self as a result of the environment they find themselves in, and stations this work clearly in the context of the community in which it's presented. He employs a multi-disciplinary approach to artistic creation, which spans across genres and mediums, and focuses on the empowerment of marginalized communities through creative exploration.

Robbie Matthews

Robbie Matthews is the Executive Director of Broken Alabaster Ministries, Inc. (BAM). Miracle Meadows Mentoring Center is a program of BAM, in which Ms. Matthews uses her horses and goats  combined with art mentoring as an outreach tool for inner city youth.  She previously worked for the largest family homeless shelter in the region. Ms. Matthews has been involved with low-income families, homeless and formerly homeless children in horseback riding and rodeo training by a professional award-winning cowboy.

Ms. Matthews has trained with Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon and held certification through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), which allowed her to use her horses for psychotherapy.

Ms. Matthews is a collage artist who repurposes salvaged materials to create clothing, jewelry and other art. Ms. Matthews believes everyone has a hidden treasure that needs to be discovered. Just like her art pieces, she teaches individuals to search for the treasure within. Everyone should be valued and not thrown away. She uses both art and animal therapy to embrace creativity and engage in conversation about purpose and destiny.

Prior to attending Cedar Crest College, Ms. Matthews was a self-taught collage artist who now understands theory. She was primarily influenced by her mother who is a Fine Arts Major and an Interior Designer. Ms. Matthews is currently in the Masters Program at Cedar Crest College, pursuing a degree in Art Therapy.

Shweta Jajodia

Born and educated in India, I am a practicing interior designer based in the Lehigh Valley with an experience spanning over 22 years. I am a NCIDQ certified Interior Designer in the United States. My education and global work experience has given me the ability to translate my client’s preferences and lifestyles into highly personalized, functional and stunning living spaces.

As part of my work experience I have had the privilege to work on restoration and conservation of Indian heritage hotels with modern amenities. Working on heritage buildings has instilled appreciation for historic homes just as working with craftsmen and artisans has inspired me to use their crafts in my designs. I create unique and influential interiors combining the best of the past with today’s innovation. All my designs are born from the conviction that they influence the lives of those who use them. My goal is to create living spaces which are delightful blend of history, form, function and comfort.

2021 Events

1869 Luckenbach Mill


12th & Market celebrates the launch of art and skateboarding zine Palette 4 with a pop-up skatepark and art show! Visit the ArtPark in the Luckenbach Mill parking lot featuring ramps decorated by local artists. Enter the Best Trick contest while a local band plays. Afterwards, enter the Luckenbach Mill for an exhibit featuring artists from Palette 4, shop some of their works, and listen to a live performance of the Palette 4 Mixtape.

More information coming soon!

1869 Luckenbach Mill

Times TBA

Assumptions on what it means to be a child born in America but with immigrant parents, especially from a Hispanic country, affect a child in two ways. They battle how Americans perceive Hispanic and Latinx immigrants and how people who originated in a Hispanic country perceive them as Americans. Third Culture Child will show an honest depiction of who a third culture child of Hispanic descent really is through different types of art and expression.

Global Water Dances uses the international languages of dance and film to promote awareness and a behavioral shift toward solutions for water preservation and conservation through community engagement. Watch the screening of the site specific performance and join in the discussion around water issues in the Lehigh Valley.

1869 Luckenbach Mill


More information coming soon!

Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts


Shweta Jajodia of Allentown's SJ Interiors debunks common assumptions about interior design. Before and after the talk, shop the Re:find pop-up!

Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts

Times TBA

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

The Black Bethlehem Project began while M. Rayah Levy was working at the Bethlehem Area Public Library, culminating with an exhibition and community dialog at Northampton Community College in February 2020. The Black Bethlehem Project exhibition returns February 2022 at Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites. View the exhibition of 150 years of Black history in Bethlehem. Learn about the struggles and triumphs of the African American community through pictures, recorded oral stories, and firsthand accounts from some of the interviewees.



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