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Discover Historic Moravian Bethlehem

Explore the 1741 Gemeinhaus, a National Historic Landmark, and the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem to  learn how the Moravians established their community in Bethlehem. Tour a 1752-era Apothecary for a look at a 1700s-era pharmacy. Visit the 1744/52 Single Sisters' House and the 1758 Nain-Schober House, the only existing 18th century structure built and lived in by the Native Peoples in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Delve Into Bethlehem's Decorative Arts History

Gaze at the petite wonders of one of the largest antique dollhouse collections in the country, plus extraordinary paintings, furniture, and other historic decorative art pieces at the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts. Explore some of the treasures of Historic Bethlehem's collection with an Exclusive-Access Collections Vault Tour.

Journey to Where Industry and Innovation Flourished in Moravian Bethlehem

Visit the Colonial Industrial Quarter, the site where Moravian crafts and manufacturing flourished in the 18th century. Discover the 1762 Waterworks, a National Historic Landmark and America's first pumped municipal water system. Private blacksmithing demonstrations in the Smithy are available for groups.

Explore the "Farm in the City"

Stroll the grounds of the 1748 - 1848 Burnside Plantation, the 6 1/2-acre "Farm in the City." Experience the workings of this 18th-century farm, plus explore the workings of one of only two operating high horse-powered wheels in the United States.

Explore Bethlehem By Bus - Day or Night

Explore Historic Bethlehem by bus. A certified guide in 1700s-era Moravian dress leads your group through the national Historic Landmark District and shares the stories of Bethlehem's Moravian beginnings. Immerse your group in the Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel with stories exploring the infrastructure and history of Bethlehem steel. Allow at least one hour for bus tours.

Get Walking in Historic Bethlehem

Certified guides in 1700s-era Moravian dress lead your group on a one-hour walking tour in Historic Bethlehem. Walking Tours include our most requested Old Bethlehem Walking Tour, Along the Lehigh River: The Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel, Church & Chapel: Bethlehem's First Places of Worship, and Death and Dying in Early Bethlehem: Going Home. You choose the topic; we'll arrange a customized walking tour for your group.

The Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel

Learn how blast furnaces operated, why men needed brass checks to enter the gates, and which buildings housed the operations of Bethlehem Steel. This on-site walking tour gives groups insight into the daily life of a steel worker.

Hoover-Mason Trestle: An Intimate Look at Steel made by Men Not by Machines

Steel was made by men, not machines. The Hoover-Mason Trestle is an elevated linear walkway offering close-up views of the former Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces. The trestle was built atop a former steel interior rail line and several of the company's former ore cars remain atop the line. Guests will revel in the panoramic view of the entire steel site and neighborhoods while learning about the men who where integral to the iron making process.

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