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Historic Holidays Series

Introducing the Historic Holidays Series!

A 5-part informational e-blast series with engaging facts & fun tidbits about the holidays in Bethlehem that hits your inbox weekly.

Bethlehem is a city steeped in history, and HBMS is the caretaker of a treasure trove of historical insights that we want to share with you. Enjoy this automated series in the comfort of your own home while learning more about Halloween and Christmas in Bethlehem including traditions and how they have changed through the years.

Learn more about these topics in the series:

A black-and-white photo donated by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Burnside Plantation during winter. Photo credit: HBMS
  • History of Halloween: Discover how masks and costumes became a part of the Halloween tradition and get inspiration for your Halloween costumes from artifacts in the HBMS collection!
  • "Christmas City, USA": How did Bethlehem get its nickname “Christmas City, USA?” What’s the history behind Bethlehem’s iconic Star on South Mountain? Find out in this installment of the Historic Holiday series!
  • Christmas Then & Now: Take a step back in time and see how Bethlehem used to share holiday cheer with historic holiday decorations, popular presents of the past, and pieces from our historic holiday card collection.
  • Winter Back When: Learn about historic winter activities including how the Victorians had fun in the snow! Enjoy a selection of black-and-white photographs donated by Bethlehem Steel Corporation that capture everyday life in Bethlehem during the winter season.
  • History of the Colonial Industrial Quarter & Burnside Plantation: Did you know that the Colonial Industrial Quarter used to be a junkyard for cars? Or how volunteers saved our “farm-in-the-city,” Burnside? Discover how these historic sites were restored to the wonderful spaces they are today through the power of volunteers and supporters.

HBMS is proud to be a trusted resource in our community, and this informational series is another way we would like to share our mission with you. Please fill out the form below to receive the informative series directly in your email.

You can sign up for the series through December, and we encourage you to share the series with friends and family!

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