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Jeanette Barres Zug Lecture

Join us in 2022 for the Annual Jeanette Barres Zug Lecture Series!

Lewis David von Schweinitz, Scientist

A talk by Dr. David Hewitt

Sunday, May 22, 1:00 pm
Gemeinhaus Saal, Moravian Museum
Reception to follow in Central Moravian Church

Lewis David von Schweinitz was an early 19th century administrator of the Moravian Church, and he was also an integral part of the scientific communities of Europe and the U.S. Schweinitz also produced numerous exquisite illustrations of plants and fungi. This illustrated talk will discuss highlights of Schweinitz's scientific career, his fundamental contributions to botany and mycology (the study of fungi), and a selection of the botanical and mycological illustrations that he produced.

About the speaker: Over the past few decades, David Hewitt has worked as a biologist in a number of different disciplines, including botany and mycology, and his first research publication was about Lewis David von Schweinitz.  David is affiliated with the Philadelphia Botanical Club and the Department of Botany at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.  His work has included a variety of peer-reviewed and popular publications, and courses, lectures, public presentations, and workshops on botany, mycology, the history of science, and other topics.  David's PhD is from Harvard University, in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.

Co-sponsored by Central Moravian Church’s Care for Creation and History Committees, Historic Bethlehem Museum and Sites, and the Moravian Archives

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Co-sponsored by the Moravian Historical Society

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Lecture 1: Sunday, October 24 at 1:00 pm

Lecture at Peter Hall, 348 Main Street, Bethlehem & Livestreamed via Zoom
Reception immediately following at the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem, 66 West Church Street, Bethlehem

Relentless Change & Moravian Responses: Our Local Predecessors and Their Legacies

The nation reeled with conflict and change from 1915 to 1920. Newspaper headlines were splashed with details of the Great Migration of African Americans from the South to the North; violence against Black people, their neighborhoods and businesses; the temperance movement and prohibition; women’s suffrage and access to the ballot box; the influenza pandemic that killed millions; unionization and corporate backlash to the steel industry; and the country’s participation in WWI.

During this time of crisis, the Moravians in the Lehigh Valley forged ahead—crafting their own response to the unrest.  What, exactly, did the Moravians do during these five years, and how does their response fit within the context of their 300-year-old history and theology?  Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch seeks to answer these questions while sharing findings from his 2020-2021 research sabbatical on Moravians, race, and racism.

Post-lecture reception and museum tour: Join us at the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem for a food-and-wine reception and the newly opened Moravian Legacy exhibition, linking equal education for all, innovation, and the arts from the early settlement to Bethlehem today.

Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch has served at Moravian Theological Seminary since 1996, joining the faculty after receiving a PhD in New Testament studies from Duke University. He also served as VP and Dean of the Seminary from 2001-2020. Frank has lectured widely and published articles on the Moravian Church’s theology and practices—past and present—with respect to gender, race, and sexuality, and in 2020-2021 he completed a research sabbatical on Moravians, race and racism. Following retirement in June 2021, he plans to continue his research and keep walking the Lehigh River canal path and trails along Monocacy Creek.

These lectures are supported by the Jeanette Barres Zug endowment fund.


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