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Blacksmithing 101

Discover how colonial blacksmiths made the intricate hinges, door handles, hooks, and decorative objects you see everywhere in Historic Moravian Bethlehem in Blacksmithing 101.

Take your experience beyond watching, and get into the soot with the Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites Blacksmithing 101 course. Staged in our historical 175o Smithy in the Colonial Industrial Quarter, watch, learn, and hone your skills with one of our professional blacksmiths using the same tools of the trade that were available in the colonial days. This course is designed to grow with the learner, building on skills learned from class to class. Book your beginners course today and spark a new passion.

Know someone who would enjoy the class? Blacksmithing 101 gift certificates are available.

The fun doesn't have to stop after your beginner class. Contact Keith Sten for more information regarding our advanced classes:
610-691-6055 or email at ksten@historicbethlehem.org.

1751 Smithy

The Smithy and the Blacksmith Program are being funded in whole or in part with funding received through the County of Northampton's Hotel Tax Program.

Blacksmithing 101 Class Pricing

Regular Class: 3-hour classes can accommodate up to 4 students.  Classes are typically scheduled to start at 11 am on days when the Smithy has open hours.

For ages 14 and up.
View our Smithy site hours.

Private Class: You can customize the start time of your 3-hour class if you are scheduling a private class (either individually or as a group of up to 4).  Private classes can be scheduled on days when the Smithy does not have scheduled open hours as long as a Blacksmith is available.

For ages 14 and up.
View our Smithy site hours.

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Blacksmithing 101 Testimonials

"Learning historic manufacturing techniques was an amazing experience. I would encourage anyone with any interest in history, manufacturing, or engineering/design to take this class." -Zachary Galuppi

"When I saw the little square advertisement in Historic Bethlehem for Blacksmithing 101 lessons I had no idea it would become as engrossing a hobby as I now hold it to be. You get 1-on-1 time with an experienced smithy and private access to a historic forge and workshop, as well as all the materials you could possibly need for the lesson. You won't need to pay a dime more for an exciting afternoon or morning banging hot metal against an anvil in the ways the Founding Fathers did nearly 300 years ago! I couldn't recommend it highly enough. All of the staff is friendly and whatever you imagine the experience will be, the actual thing is even better. I forged a Christmas gift for my mother during my 3rd visit! There is a veritable ocean of knowledge and skill right here in Historic Bethlehem and this is a great opportunity to sample the flavor of it." -Anthony Murphy

"The blacksmithing course exceeded my expectation.  I thought that at the most I might be making an S hook, but as it turned out I was taught how to make two, more complicated objects.  I was simply delighted with all that I had learned in such a short time.  The 3 hours were over before I knew it. Ed Land is an amazing professional, with a great knowledge of the blacksmithing skills, a friendly and effective knack for working with novices, and a rich career, filled with many amazing experiences.  I very much enjoyed listening and learning."  -Tom Bross

Blacksmithing 101 Gallery

Pennsylvania Artist-Blacksmiths' Association Meeting at our Blacksmith Shop

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