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Free Sundays at Home

Just because the Kemerer Museum is closed doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun of Free Sundays! Every Sunday, Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites will send a newsletter to keep the kids entertained at home. Enjoy a variety of multi-media resources to help kids delve into design!

Free Sundays at Home programs are funded with support from the Jones Children Fund.

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Free Sundays Coloring Pages

Have you seen? Historic Bethlehem can now be experienced through a coloring book! Color iconic downtown landmarks, including Burnside Plantation, the 1810 Goundie House, God's Acre, Central Moravian Church, and more. Download and print below by clicking on the link for the image you want.
The coloring pages are available for free on the, but we ask that you please consider supporting this work with a donation.

Free Sunday Family Programs

Artifact Show and Tell

What did people use to do to cool down before air conditioning? They used a fan! The oldest fans date back to the 4th century BCE in ancient Greece and the 2nd century BCE in ancient China. Fans in the modern period were brought by traders from Asia to Europe and became a status symbol among the elite. Fans have many purposes, including driving away bugs, cooling people down in hot weather, and as a prop in dances. They can be ornately decorated, with feathers and gold and fine paintings, or simple.

I'm Such a Big Fan!

Try your hand at making your own fan! All you need are paper, markers, a stapler, and some tape.
Start by coloring your design on the paper. You can make whatever design you want - but keep in mind that we're folding it in half. Once you're satisfied, fold the paper like an accordion, then fold the paper in half. Use the stapler to create a handle and finish by taping the two ends of the paper together.
Want to try something a little more complicated? Try this folding fan with popsicle sticks and a paper fastener!

Are You Fluent in Fan?

Fans are as old as ancient Egypt, China, and India. But did you know that fans have a secret language?
Parisian fan maker Duvelleroy published a leaflet “translating” fan language. Part of it is below. See if you can talk to your parents and siblings using your own fan!

Make Yummy Frozen Fruit Treats

With temperatures starting to reach the low 80s, you're going to be looking for a nice cool snack to help beat the heat. These banana bites are frozen and dipped in chocolate for a treat that's cold, healthy and good for you!
Peel and slice your banana into little circles. Once your banana is all chopped up, take a banana circle and spread peanut butter on one side before putting another circle on top. It's a banana sandwich! Freeze for one hour.
When the bananas are nice and cold, melt chocolate chips in the microwave. Remove the banana bites from the freezer and dip in the melted chocolate. Once all the bananas are covered in chocolate put them back in the freezer for at least 15 minutes so the chocolate can harden.

How Can I Support Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites?

Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites is proud to interpret three centuries of the history and culture of Bethlehem, from our founding in 1741 to Bethlehem Steel and beyond. Help us continue to tell these stories and provide resources like Free Sundays by purchasing a gift card, making a donation, or becoming a member at the family level.
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