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Jeanette Barres Zug Lecture

Join us for the 2019 Annual
Jeanette Barres Zug Lecture
"Getting to Know Grunewald"
to learn about the life and art
of Gustav Grunewald

Sunday, April 28 at 2:00PM

Moravian Museum Saal

66 W. Church Street, Bethlehem

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Wine and cheese reception will follow the lecture.

Getting to Know Grunewald

Gustav Grunewald (1805-1878) is best known for his landscapes - from sublime depictions of nature harnessing great power to intimate scenes conveying a sense of oneness with God, humankind, and nature. Grunewald’s artistic ideals developed under his master, Caspar David Friedrich, a central figure in the German Romantic School of painting. Friedrich’s style is noted for its subjectivism and open interpretation, with his often-used half-lighting motif signifying a longing meant to be deciphered by the viewer. He is also known for his precise depictions of nature, and this aspect of Friedrich’s technique combined with his subjectivism was greatly influential to his student, Gustav.

Grunewald himself was of the Moravian faith, which stressed that knowing God was tailored to the conduct and individual beliefs of the person, and this philosophy of God’s subjectivism would go on to influence his paintings throughout his career. Friedrich also did not stress to his students certain artistic techniques to be followed, and this de-emphasis on dogma is evident in one of Grunewald’s earliest paintings entitled River Landscape, Evening (1824). Although Friedrich’s influence can be seen in this piece, it is not merely an imitation of Friedrich’s technique. Grunewald’s individuality shines through in his arrangement of the trees, wispy and delicate, all with a symbolic purpose. Friedrich’s influence, which will prove to be lasting throughout Grunewald’s career, is evident in Grunewald’s faithful and precise depiction of the natural landscape.

Join us for an amazing lecture that speaks to Grunewald's life, art, and legacy.

About the Speaker

Speaker information coming soon!

This lecture is supported by the Jeanette Barres Zug endowment fund.


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