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Meet the Brewer

1810 Goundie House ©Paul S. Bartholomew 0910010

Step inside the 1810 Goundie House & get a taste for history like never before.

Now featuring different local brewers from the Lehigh Valley, Meet the Brewer invites guests to discover the history of brewing methods in Colonial times and sample delicious local craft brews.

About the Brewers


It’s time for Last Call at Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites! Join us for a drink at the 1810 Goundie House for the last Meet the Brewer session of 2016, closing out a year of hosting tastings and tours with the Lehigh Valley’s best and boldest brewers. And our last session will be no different as we welcome in Weyerbacher Brewing!

Founded in Easton in 1995, Weyerbacher Brewing began life as a brewer’s daydream. Specializing in strong, full flavored beers, they have become a beer jewel of the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania. Based out of Easton and boasting over 70 varieties of beer, samples of Weyerbacher seasonal and year round products will be on hand. Learn about the style and history of Weyerbacher Brewing and tour the Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled exhibit, exploring 200 years of local brewing history from the 18th century to the modern day. 

Complimentary tasting and access to the Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled exhibit included! Tickets are $20, Members are free, and space is limited. So purchase your tickets today!

Guests must be at least 21 years or older to participate in the tasting, and a valid photo ID must be presented. Alternate entry available.

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Blackledge Winery

Discover the research, process, and history behind Blackledge Winery's irresistible ciders from Mark Turdo, guest ciderist and researcher behind Blackledge Winery's Fisher's 58 and Penn's 74 ciders, and Damian Siekonic, winemaker, meadmaker, ciderist, and wineowner.

This historic research winery specializes in the reproduction of colonial-era ciders, wines, and meads based on period farmhouse recipes. Using only the finest ingredients and documented traditional methods, they produce small batches of delicious, hand-crafted brews, creating a blend of flavors where authenticity is tangible in every sip.

Guests will sample two of Blackledge's ciders: Fisher's 58, a traditional ginger cider that although completely dry, gets its sweetness from fresh ginger root during fermentation, and Penn's 74, a faithful reproduction of William Penn's wife Gulielma's family cider recipe taken from her 1674 recipe book.

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Colony Meadery

Founded in 2013 by craft beer writer and businessman Greg La-Belle and award winning mead master Mike Manning, the Colony Meadery is based out of a former Mac Truck factory in Allentown with a presence on Main Street Bethlehem at their Moravian Bookstore Tasting Room.

Using modern techniques, precise fermentation controls, and the most refined elbow grease, they produce honey-based alcoholic beverages that surprise the palate and amaze the judges. Their meads burst with flavor and glide down the throat with sophisticated, layered profiles and unparalleled smoothness.

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Chris Bowen

Internationally-known beer historian, certified beer judge, HBMS guest curator, and winner of the 2007 and 2011 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal champion, Chris began as an avid home brewer and now competes nationally throughout the year in brewing contests and has recorded nearly 50 awards and medals for his home-brewed craft beer.


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