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Handmade in the 18th Century

Take your students back in time to one of America's earliest industrial parks!

Handmade in the 18th Century (aka: Discovering the Material World©) is a 2 hour EITC approved hands-on learning experience situated in Historic Bethlehem’s Colonial Industrial Quarter!

Crafts and demonstrations--all in the shadow of the 1750 Smithy, Springhouse, TanneryLuckenbach Mill, and Waterworks.

This program brings history to life by engaging participants in hands-on, cross curricular STEM focused activities that introduce your students to America's early colonial trades, including:

  • Metalsmithing (with a real blacksmith!)
  • Weaving
  • Tanning

Location: 459 Old York Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Length: 2.5 hours


Programs are aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and integrated with STEM education.

A. “Walk Like a Moravian”: Find out what types of industries were operated by the Moravians, and understand the kinds of power used in operating these industries at Grist Mill, Springhouse, Waterworks, and Tannery.

B. “Work Like a Moravian- Pottery”: Understand why pottery was essential to the Moravians by using various potter’s techniques to create a candle holder or other functional pottery piece.

C. “Work Like a Moravian- Woodworking”: By creating a wooden item used in colonial times through whittling and joining techniques, learn why wood was essential to Moravian life, and discuss different uses for wood in colonial Bethlehem.

D. “Work Like a Moravian- Spinning and Weaving”: Using a small cardboard loom, weave a piece of fabric and learn how to create a “penny pocket” from the finished fabric. Discover why spinning and weaving was essential to Moravian Life.

E. “Work Like a Moravian- Leatherworking”: See why leatherworking was essential to Moravian life by creating a useful leather item using various leatherworking techniques.

In order to make your class’s field trip to Colonial Industrial Quarter the most pleasant and best possible learning experience, we ask that you review these guidelines:

  • Before arriving, please place students into even groups of approximately 10-12 students per group. Please assign one chaperone per group.
  • Please make students and chaperones aware that they will stay in their assigned groups and travel as a group from station to station while at the CIQ.
  • The CIQ program does require students to be outdoors. They should dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes for outdoor terrain.
  • The tour of the buildings in the CIQ requires walking outside and visiting some buildings that are not heated.  The program is held rain or shine.
  • A picnic lunch is permitted on site after the program concludes.  If you will be having lunch on site, students must bring their own packed lunch and drink.
  • Please emphasize good behavior with your students.

If you have any other questions, call 1-800-360-TOUR, or contact our Education Tour Coordinator, Keith Sten.

Bethlehem is in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, only 60 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of New York City. The Colonial Industrial Quarter is located at 459 Old York Road in Bethlehem, PA.

From Route 22:

  • Take Rt. 378 South to Center City Exit (#3).
  • At end of ramp turn right onto Third Ave.
  • At stop sign turn right onto Union Blvd.
  • At traffic light turn right onto Main St.
  • At end of Main St. turn right onto Spring St.
  • Spring St. parking lot is on right.  Buses may park here.
  • Walk students across wooden footbridge.  HBMS rep. will meet you there.


From Route 309--

  • Take Rt. 378 N to Bethlehem
  • Take Main St. Exit off of Hill-to-Hill Bridge - stay in right lane
  • At end of ramp make hard right onto Spring St.
  • Spring St. parking lot is on right.  Buses may park here.
  • Walk students across wooden footbridge.  HBP rep. will meet you there.


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