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Heritage Trail for Students

Take your students back in time, with the use of 21st-century technology!

The Heritage Trail “Colonial Industrial Quarter” program is a 1.5 hour experience consisting of a walk-about session, utilizing hand-held audio devices.

This engaging program presents participants with information about Bethlehem’s Colonial Industrial Quarter and involves them in several hands-on technology related activities.

Take handheld audio pods on the Heritage Trail! The tour includes visits to multiple historic sites in the Colonial Industrial Quarter, including the:

  • 1750 Smithy for a blacksmith demonstration
  • Waterworks for a scientific investigation
  • Springhouse and Luckenbach Mill

Location: Colonial Industrial Quarter, 459 Old York Road, Bethlehem PA

Length: 1.5 hours

Pick up your audio devices at the Visitor Center & Museum Store!


Programs are aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and integrated with STEM education.

Photo Credit: Kristin Mills

A. “Make a Timeline”: Using available resources in print and online, research Moravian life in America, place the events in chronological order on a timeline, and present findings to classmates.

  • Grade level: Elementary and Middle School

B. “The Haves and Have-Nots”: Create a compare and contrast Venn diagram of the colonial and modern life, focusing on economic, political, and social elements of life.

  • Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School
Photo Credit: Kristin Mills

A. “Words CAN Describe It”: Brainstorm to make colorful and clever acronyms using the word INDUSTRY.

          For example:       

          In the city

          Natural surroundings

          Definitely fun

          Undisturbed beauty

          Seventeen fifty Smithy

          Tools of the Trade

          Ready to work

          Youth apprentices

  • Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School

B. “Trading Places”: In the form of an illustration and/or a developed paragraph, answer the question: Would you have liked to live with the Moravians in colonial times? Why or Why not?

  • Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School

C. “For Posterity”: Interview older adults to learn about their experiences with history, and investigate and record the diverse viewpoints of members of their community, bringing history to life. Record the interview as an oral history and share it with the class!

  • Grade Level: Middle and High School

In order to make your class’s field trip to Colonial Industrial Quarter the most pleasant and best possible learning experience, we ask that you review these guidelines:

  • Before arriving, please place students into even groups of approximately 10-12 students per group. Please assign one chaperone per group.
  • Please make students and chaperones aware that they will stay in their assigned groups and travel as a group along the Heritage Trail.
  • The Heritage Trail program does require students to be outdoors.  They should dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes for outdoor terrain.
  • Please emphasize good behavior with your students.

If you have any other questions, call 1-800-360-TOUR, or contact our Museum Sites & Education Manager, Keith Sten.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Long

Bethlehem is in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, only 60 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of New York City.

Our Visitor Center & Museum Store is located at 505 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA.

Colonial Industrial Quarter Site Rentals

Step back in time with these picturesque buildings of stone, brick, and log along the Monocacy Creek.

The variety of landscapes, backdrops, and historic sites makes the Colonial Industrial Quarter a diverse and exciting place. Host your big event here and accommodate up to 350 guests.



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