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Bethlehem Steel stacks

Enhance your classroom with these remote learning opportunities!

Burnside Plantation in summer

Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites is proud to offer two educational opportunities that can be completed entirely remotely or complement an in-person visit!

Century at Burnside

Graphic showing the Food on the Farm section with a grid of images that link to experiences, including a colonial kitchen demonstration and artifacts from the house. A laptop on the right side has the home screen for the Century at Burnside virtual field trip with a photo of the Burnside farmhouse in summer.

This virtual learning program allows students to discover various aspects of life on a colonial farm, from work in the house, to the building of a barn, to work-saving farming technology, and much more! Students will explore various topics through video lessons, safely modified hands-on activities, and many other interactive elements.

  • Aligns with PA Common Core standards for Grades 2-5
  • Integrates academic standards for STEM education themes and concepts
  • Learn about life on a colonial farm - work in the house, building of a barn, farming technology, and more!
  • Video lessons with a costumed museum educator
  • Safely modified hands-on activities
  • 5-6 hours of classroom material to offer flexible learning opportunities
  • Complements in-person Century at Burnside programming
  • Just $7 per student

Voices of America: The Bethlehem Steel Story

Graphic showing the home screen and a laptop with a video of a steel worker. Text reads: "Voices of America The Bethlehem Steel Story Presented by National Museum of Industrial History and Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites Learn More about the Company that ushered in the age of the skyscraper!"

Students are guided from early industry in Bethlehem through the closure and revitalization of the Bethlehem Steel site, as they learn about the impact of the steel industry on local, national, and international scale with this distance learning digital resource. This resource offered by Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites and the National Museum of Industrial History allows classrooms to discover local industries throughout Bethlehem’s history and learn how those industries, such as Bethlehem Steel, helped the city become an important industrial community. Expand your classroom's learning experience by adding on one of our interactive video workshop options to learn more from a museum expert.

  • Aligns with PA Common Core standards for Grades 3-5
  • STEM aligned activities allow students to better understand science and technology principles
  • Learn about 20th-century giant, Bethlehem Steel, and the impact of the steel industry on Bethlehem and the nation
  • Partnered with National Museum of Industrial History to create an in-depth learning experience
  • Safely modified hands-on activities
  • 4-6 hours of classroom material to offer flexible learning opportunities
  • Complements in-person Rise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel programming
  • Price is $100 for unlimited month-long use for one classroom
  • For expanded or customized programming, please contact Keith Sten at ksten@historicbethlehem.org

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For more information about our program offerings and curriculum standards contact our Education Manager:

Keith Sten, ksten@historicbethlehem.org or 610.691.6055


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